Fancy Guppy Keeping and Breeding


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I’m a hobbyist that is currently working with Blue Green Moscow , Half Black Reds  and Albino Sky Blue fancy guppy strains.

I also make and sell Guppy food and Fry food.

Blue Green Moscows

NOTE: These are pics of the same guppies under various lighting conditions to show the blue and green coloring.

These Blue Green Moscows are the first strain that I worked with and are my favorites.  They grow beautiful, long dorsal and caudal fins. My tanks are in a room that gets outdoor light during the day and it is fun to see the different color variations that these fish have under different lighting.

See the VIDEO page for clips of these fish


Half Black Reds

This select stock was originally purchased from Stan Shubel and has proven to be a hearty and prolific strain. The father of this stock took Best of Show at the 2013 IFGA show in Chicago. They grow quickly and show their coloring from a young age.


Albino Sky Blues

I acquired this beautiful strain from a breeder that imported them from Thailand. I have no stock to sell at the moment, but I am looking forward to working with this strain.


We are starting a new guppy club for anyone that is in the Minnesota area and that might have an interest in getting together with other guppy hobbyists. The Minnesota Fancy Guppy Club can be found HERE

If you would like to learn more about how to keep and breed guppies, the International Fancy Guppy Association has a great beginners guide HERE. I would also recommend joining the IFGA if you are going to get serious about the guppy hobby.